Create Michigan.com is a website founded by Michigan singer/songwriter Jason Conley.  The website is designed to bring together artists, writers, film-makers, actors, and musicians from the great state of Michigan.   The intent is to have a positive gathering place to keep artist connected and help promote their work.  In today’s fast-paced world of social media and blogging it is hard to get the press you need to present your work to an audience in a way that is engaging to the viewer.  There is so much content that exists people have learned how to sift through their Facebook feeds and Tweets to weed out the content that lacks quality.  Low quality content can actually hurt the artist because it may create a false picture of who they are and they may end up getting overlooked.

“CreateMI is really more like an online documentary of Michigan culture rather than a news or event site”. Jason Conley-Founder

The old days of “all you need is a website” are over.  Artists need more to engage their fans and help them earn an income.  They need good video content, professional photos and good writing to help tell their stories and actively involve people who may have an interest in what they are doing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many great sites that help Michigan artists but it is scattered.  Instead of competing with each other these sites should help each other, work together, and coordinate their actions.  Createmi.com wants to help the artist in the best way possible-that is the primary focus.  If we can help change the local culture in other ways, we are up for that too!

One of our featured services-CreateMIbusiness offers local businesses an affordable alternative to video services.  By purchasing video through us, money will go back into sustaining the local arts community by allowing createmi.com to create free services for artists. Your business will get a great looking video and support local art in your community all at the same time!

Createmi.com will tell the stories of real Michigan people so that it is something that can be embraced by everyone.  We focus on keeping things positive in our content, and we want to  work with anyone who thinks they may be able to contribute in a positive way.