EXCLUSIVE-Josie Pace Live at Plymouth Rock Recording Company-Crispy Lovely Acoustic

Josie Pace Live at Plymouth Rock Recording Company

Joise Pace, is happy to announce the release of her debut singles Torn and Crispy Lovely. The songs are the first in a collaboration with Detroit Musician Ken Roberts (Charm Farm, Cleanse, Trig Media). The two continue to work together producing songs to be featured on Josie’s upcoming first full length album. The songs will be released individually (as singles) as they are completed.  See Josie Pace live as she performs her song Crispy Lovely on the acoustic guitar. Check out this exclusive performance filmed at Plymouth Rock Recording Company in Plymouth, Michigan.

Early on in Josie’s life, she was influenced by classic rock and bands like the Eagles and Heart. Her father was a musician and encouraged Josie to sing in church. It wasn’t long until she discovered the six string guitar and started to spend time by herself learning as much as she could. Her focus shifted to songwriting and she quickly developed a style of her own. As she grew older she started to perform playing small shows around the Detroit area.

It was at a talent show in Chicago when she met Ken Roberts, a Detroit musician and producer.  The two started to work together with Josie’s songs as the foundation. Robert’s unique production style and ability create dark beats and atmospheric music complimented Josie’s voice well, the songs started to take on a life of their own and the result was her first two singles Torn and Crispy Lovely.

“Having seen the ups and downs of the music business for years I found myself feeling jaded and cynical about the direction music and ART was going until I heard Josie sing for me the first time at my studio, her single voice with guitar was raw, fearless and unapologetic, when your giving a glimpse of talent like this it’s a rush, I knew I had to work with her”-Ken Roberts

Crispy Lovely is available now on all digital platforms.

Josie Pace Live

See Josie Pace live, visit her website for future dates.


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