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New Fortune Records is a Detroit based vinyl record label started in 2010 by Kevin Pachla and features a diverse line-up of musicians covering a wide range of genres from glam rock to bluegrass.  The label is the sister of Motor City Special, a label that features vinyl pressings of live recordings that capture the raw, energetic performances of local musicians.  On Sunday, May 25th you can catch 11 acts performing live at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck, Michigan.  New Fortune will be there with records for purchase and free swag to help celebrate the inaugural event.  You can purchase records online at Detroit City Records or to get the full vinyl experience you can also purchase the records at the following locations.


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New staff writer Mark Petty gives us a preview of this amazing event!

Jeremey Porter

Jeremey Porter and the Tucos are a Detroit based band playing power pop like Cheap Trick whose best friend, Waylon Jennings, floats in the bottom of a cold PBR. Their first full-length LP, “Partners is Crime” was released by New Fortune Records in 2013 followed by their rowdy pop 7” single, “Plan B”.

The High Strung

The High Strung’s  Josh Malerman describes their music as “Adventure Rock,” and that’s exactly what it is. Great stories with guitar, drums and bass, with more than a dash of keys. By the way, their track, “The Luck You Got” is the theme song for the Showtime cable show “Shameless.” Not bad at all. Exclusive vinyl releases by New Fortune Records include “Dragon Dicks”, “I, Anybody” and “Get The Guests” (released at New Fortune Fest ‘14).
the webbs

The Webbs, Andie and Tracy, along with Scotty Karate make what they call “Psychodelic Bluegrass.” You may ask, “What might that be?” Well, imagine Roy Acuff having a one night stand with Janis and Big Brother and the Holding Company. You do the math. Their limited New Fortune Records single “I Have an Aged Mother” b/w “When I Go” includes fitting artwork from artist Taurus Burns.

Ryan Dillaha

Ryan Dillaha and The Miracle Men are a roots/country-ish rockin’ band, filtered through the landscape and people of the Motor City. With occasional sax, trumpet, trombone and harmonica, this mighty tight quartet blaze new trails upon familiar terrain, leaving not breadcrumbs but many happy Americana devotees along the way. New Fortune Records releases a tribute to their beloved bassist, Mike Millman (1978-2014) on June 27th at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI.


James Linck is a singer/songwriter/producer from Hamtramck (Go ahead and clap. Be proud.). His intricate beats and spot-on production are as soulful as are his vocals. Check out his new Special edition “Fortress of Solitude” vinyl EP on New Fortune Records featuring remixes by some noteworthy Detroit producers.

Detroit Cydi

Detroit CYDI’s brand of Hip Hop is utterly distinctive, and distinctively Detroit. Three for real MC’s, Rufio Jones, Sean Uppercut and Doc Illingsworth fit beat to rhyme in a fearless yet inventive and lyrical fashion. The hot split 7” single with Cold Men Young drops at New Fortune Fest ‘14.

After Dark

After Dark Amusement Park is a lean, mean indie band from Detroit. They strip the music down to its essentials, then elevate it with musicianship and creativity. Hooks and harmonies that Echo T-Rex, The Flaming Lips and even some Cure. New Fortune Records will release their sweet and solid sophomore LP, “coo…goes the dove” in late 2014.

Dutch Pink

Dutch Pink weaves a tapestry of indie-fed roots music with minor-key blues to form something that they describe as “literal baroque blues.” This six-piece collective uses every instrument in their arsenal to produce music that both entertains and lingers. Their critically acclaimed release “Lady Luck Hotel Suite” LP is on New Fortune Records.

Rick Rat - Toyko Pop

Ricky Rat Pack you may not know this but Ricky and I go back a ways. If you’ve ever seen one of those old black and white Noir Leather commercials with The Trash Brats, I was probably there, holding a super-8 camera. A Detroit rock legend playing great rock and roll around the world. Get hooked on the latest 7” single, “Toyko Pop” b/w “Glitter People” on New Fortune Records.

The Ruiners

The Ruiners have been killing it in The D since ’97. Their take on the B-52’s-ish new wave laced with driving guitar is both thrilling and sexy. You must see this spectacle live. Trust me. Their cult, funhouse thrill ride has been captured on “Motorcycle Lazarus and the Masters of Fire and Love”. This band produced LP is available on New Fortune Records.

MUR (Mighty Unicorn Rebellion) make their debut at New Fortune Fest ‘14. Not your everyday grammar school garage band, these boys and girls infuse drums, guitar, bass and violin in a psychedelic smorgasbord of song.

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