Trig Media Synth Studio Secrets Revealed

It is hard not to be in awe of the elaborate layout of synthesizers and drum machines set up at  Trig Media Studio.  Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, Trig Media is located inside an old renovated church that also houses Plymouth Rock Productions.  Trig’s room is very visible as soon as you walk in the front door of the church, almost like a NASA control room, or the interior of a spaceship from Star Wars. Standing in the room you immediately imagine the possibilities of using technology in music and wonder just how the electronic musicians of the past could make music on computers that could barely store ten megabytes.  The room is a great companion for the artists who record at Plymouth Rock Studios, and PRS has become a “one stop shop” to meet the needs of the musicians who record there.  With over sixty synthesizers, including vintage and new, Trig Media’s co-founder Ken Roberts brings a deep understanding of electronic music in virtuo-istic obsession.  You may remember Ken from the band Charm Farm, the song “Superstar” was featured on their major label debut, Pervert, and received critical praise in the nineties for its innovative thinking and “anti-grunge” sound.

Trig Media  Trig Media  Trig Media

After Charm Farm, Ken became an integral part of the band Sweatysuedelips.  In the early two thousands, the Detroit music scene had warmed up and Sweatysuedelips became known for their meticulously powerful live shows and unique blend of industrial, electronic, and modern rock. Sadly, Sweatysuedelips split up, but Ken and drummer Mark Damian decided to keep recording music under the name Cleanse. They released the album Lowercase Fire Engine and it was during this time that Trig Media was formed.  The two also decided to help develop and record other artists they were interested in and focus more on the production of music.  Mark ended up moving to Los Angeles, but Trig Media stayed in place and the two still work together using technology across the internet.  This arrangement works out well, as Mark can also use resources available to him in L.A.  Ken describes the arrangement, “basically, you have Trig Media East in Detroit and Trig Media West in L.A.”

Known for being secretive about the software, hardware, and computers he uses to make music, Ken has decided to give artists access to his technology and expertise built up from years of experience.  He is working with local artists to help develop songs and turn them into industry quality-sounding records.  Ken’s collaboration with local songwriter Josie Pace is an intriguing one; a singer-songwriter mix of ambient, electronic, and rock. Ken says, “I believe in Josie and I am really excited about this project.”  Artists that decide to work with Ken will find that technology and savvy production techniques can make or break a record. Trig Media’s synth studio can open up so many possibilities to songwriters, as it offers an ability to see their music in a new and fresh way.

If you’re interested in working with Trig Media, visit their Facebook Page and contact Ken to set up a time.  If you would like to see the studio in more detail, check out the video tour below:

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