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“CreateMI is really more like an online documentary of Michigan culture rather than a news or event site”. Jason Conley-Founder…

It is the mission of createmi.com to help document the work and lives of working Michigan artists in the hopes that visitors to the site will engage with the artists, follow them, go to their shows, and share their stories across social networks.  We are committed to providing a free service to artists to help them create media that will raise awareness and hopefully elevate the artists’ work to new levels.  We are also interested in providing tools and advice to help artists achieve their goals through some key values:

  • create content to educate artists on tools and services available to them
  • showcase organizations that provide training and education to artists
  • highlight the importance of technology and how it can be a valuable business tool
  • createmi.com will work with other organizations to solve social problems that artists are interested in
  • create quality content to the best of our ability to showcase the artist in a positive way
  • help artists market their work
  • refer artists to other organizations that can help
  • offer free advice on social networking, marketing, and technology
  • We will continue to find new and innovative ways to promote artists to develop a more coordinated culture combining all of the arts

Currently our formula for helping the artist and creating our content is:

  1. Contact the artist we are interested in covering to ask them if they would like to be featured on our website (we encourage you to contact us to see how we can help)
  2. Schedule a time for an interview to get to know the artist.  If requested we will video the interview using DSLR cameras and a professional audio recorder.
  3. We will physically go to the artists’ exhibit, performance, show, or screening to view a sample of their work in real life.
  4. After the interview, recording and observation is done we will compile all information and create a 600-800 word written feature on the artist.
  5. We will edit your video and audio using Final Cut Pro and Logic Audio software
  6. We publish your story and video on our website along with our social networking pages like Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and Vimeo.
  7. We can monitor your fan engagement using analytics that can tell you how many people viewed your article on our website or how many times your video was played.

A few key points:

  • the content createmi.com creates is owned by createmi.com but we will give the artist copies of the written content and finished video branded with createmi logo.
  • the artists work will not be used in video or on the site unless we have permission to do so.  The artists content used is by no way owned by createmi.com, the artists retains all the rights to their original work.
  • We have a vary small staff and it may take time develop the content so there are no deadlines that we follow
  • the more the artist is involved with creating the content the better it is
  • it is a open and friendly work environment
  • you give createmi.com credit for any shares you make online or with other people

We also offer local businesses an affordable alternative to video services.  By purchasing video through us, money will go back into sustaining the local arts community by allowing createmi.com to create free services for artists. Your business will get a great looking video and support local art in your community all at the same time!

Well that is it, if you have any questions or would like to help please feel free to contact us anytime here.



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